Jennie Khan

Freelance Cellist and Teacher

Jennie Khan is an Auckland based cellist and cello teacher. She has a variety of experience performing both here and in Europe and has been teaching students of all ages for many years.


Jennie has paired up with Auckland harpist Louise Andrew and together they are Beaumont Belles.

Recently back in New Zealand from her European OE, Louise plays a 46 string Lyon & Healy pedal harp, she has many years experience as an orchestral player and as a soloist.

Beaumont Belles have a unique sound suited to any event or venue that wants to create an enchanting romantic feel or sultry laid back atmosphere. They play a wide range of music from well known classical melodies and jazz ballads to popular modern tunes, all being arranged in their own signature style.

This enthusiastic and talented duo make a fantastic addition to an evening cocktail party or intimate dinner event. Their sophisticated sounds simultaneously blend  into an underlying 'je ne sais quoi' and add interest as people hear a familiar tune they do not at first recognise.

Beaumont Belles are also perfect for weddings. They can play your special music during the ceremony and provide entertainment to your guests while you are off having your photos done.

Please contact us here to discuss how Beaumont Belles can bring something special to your event or venue.

You can watch one of Beaumont Belles performances on the Music Page