Jennie Khan

Freelance Cellist and Teacher

Jennie Khan is an Auckland based cellist and cello teacher. She has a variety of experience performing both here and in Europe and has been teaching students of all ages for many years.

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The year in review

A new year has begun, and I find it's a good time to reflect on how everything has been going, things that worked, things that didn't. I feel that this year, things have started to turn a corner in terms of work, but the big thing which I struggled with most this year was my brain. Mental health issues can be a big barrier to success, an obstacle on the journey. But with the right support and techniques there can be ways through, implementing those is top of the list for 2018.

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Mindfulness for Musicians

Most of us know music is an artistic, emotional and often spiritual expression of ourselves. Listening to music can get us excited, cheer us up, it can equally be relaxing and conciliatory.
Playing music can be a reprieve from the daily grind but we can put enormous pressure on ourselves, and this can result in a lot of tensions and anxiety relating to our music.
There has been a lot of publicity about 'Mindfulness' in recent times, I find the idea of focus in the moment and non-judgmental awareness fits in very well in music practice.

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