Jennie Khan

Freelance Cellist and Teacher

Jennie Khan is an Auckland based cellist and cello teacher. She has a variety of experience performing both here and in Europe and has been teaching students of all ages for many years.

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The Power of Music

I had the great fortune these last school holidays of assisting in taking a local youth orchestra on a tour to France. The trip surpassed many of my expectations and I found the reaction of both the young musicians and our audiences inspiring. 
Music traverses cultural and linguistic barriers. It was fantastic seeing these kids really getting involved and how much they just love music...

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Are you Listening?...Now I'll begin

When we really listen to music, we are paying attention, it's not just going on in the background while we think of what we are having for tea or ticking things off the To Do list. We notice the rhythm and harmonies, changes in key or tempo.
When you are playing the music, you must be aware of all these things as well as create them.
It takes concentration...

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